Registration & Contact Information

Contact Information & Registration

Spring 2024 HSSSE and MGSSE registrations are open! See important information and registration links below. If you are interested in administering HSSSE or MGSSE at a future date, sign up for our listserv below to receive an email when the next round of registration begins.

Open registration forms


2024 Administration Timeline

  • January 8 - Spring Registration Begins
  • January 15 - Spring Survey Administration Begins
  • May 17 - Spring Survey Registration Closes
  • May 31 - Spring Survey Administration Ends
  • End of August 2024 - Schools Receive Reports
  • August 1 - Fall Registration Begins
  • August 5 - Fall Survey Administration Begins
  • November 22 - Fall Registration Closes
  • December 13 - Fall Survey Administration Ends
  • Early February 2025 – Schools Receive Reports

Registration needs to be a minimum of 1 week prior to administration to allow for required notification of parents/guardians/students.

What to expect after registration

Please allow one week for our team to review and process your HSSSE and/or MGSSE registration. For online surveys, once your registration is processed, the contacts you identified in the registration form will receive an email that includes your school’s survey link along with important administration instructions. Please carefully read through and follow all administration instructions.

If you have any questions about the administration instructions or would like to see them prior to registering for the survey(s), please contact our team at

Contact Information


Amada Torres, Vice President
National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)
Studies, Insights, & Research | (202) 973-9765


Surveys of Student Engagement

Lisa Simmons Thatcher, Brandon Porteroff, & Stephen Hiller | (812) 855-4438

CEPR Director
Patricia A. Muller, Ph.D.

Survey Engagement Listserv

Subscribe to the HSSSE-MGSSE listserv to receive future email announcements and reminders about survey registration and related survey information.

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