About Us

The Center for Evaluation, Policy, & Research (CEPR) conducts high-quality program evaluation, policy analysis, and research that address real-world problems across multiple academic disciplines and sectors.

Our work occurs at the international, national, regional, state, and local levels for diverse clientele including:

  • government agencies
  • private foundations
  • for-profit businesses and industries
  • non-profit agencies, and
  • international organizations.

As a research center housed at Indiana University-Bloomington, we work collaboratively and synergistically with IU faculty, researchers and administrators to further their research and practice.

Our goals

High-Quality & Cross-Disciplinary

To conduct rigorous, high-quality, and nonpartisan evaluation, policy analyses, and research that address real-world problems within and across multiple sectors.

Institutional Advancement

To provide evaluation, policy, and research support and services for faculty, researchers, departments, and centers across IU-Bloomington, as well as for campus and university initiatives, for the purpose of advancing the mission and strategic plan of the campus and university.

Field Impact

To expand knowledge of effective strategies in evaluation, policy, and research analyses by providing training and capacity building, developing and disseminating innovative approaches, and modeling an integrated theory of policy and evaluation research.

Experts in the field

Our research team members have the combination of strong methodological skills and excellent interpersonal and communication skills needed to best meet your evaluation, policy, and research needs. Across our evaluation, policy, and research work, our team has expertise in:

  • Methodological design
  • Program theory & logic models
  • Quantitative & qualitative data collection
  • Quantitative & qualitative data analyses
  • Instrument development (surveys, interviews, focus groups, observations)
  • Needs assessment & audits
  • Capacity building (e.g., workshops, trainings, technical assistance)
  • Benchmarking & reporting (e.g., user-friendly reports, federal reporting requirements, data visualization)
  • Publications (e.g., research briefs, policy briefs, data visualization, peer-reviewed publications)
  • Presentations (e.g., conferences, trainings, workshops)

We meet the highest field standards in the design and implementation of randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies in real-world settings, as well as quasi-experimental design studies with carefully matched comparison groups.


Flexible, adaptive, and collaborative

CEPR is a client-centered organization that focuses on high-quality, evidence-based work to best meet your needs. We design and implement approaches tailored to the specific needs, context, and resources of each client.