The Indiana General Assembly is considering changes to Indiana’s school funding formula as part of its deliberations about the state’s biennial budget. The school funding formula determines the distribution of funds to each of the state’s 289 school corporations and public charter schools. Particular attention in both the House and Senate proposals has been given to the complexity grant, which is the part of the state’s school funding formula that provides additional funding to school corporations to educate students from low income families. These changes have implications for the equitable distribution of school funding as well as the amount of funding available to school corporations and charter schools to implement education services and reform strategies.

Click on each tab of the visualization presented below to display how the changes proposed will affect each school corporation’s funding, how the complexity grant currently works and would work under the House and Senate proposals. Finally, we invite you to propose your own changes to the school funding formula to see how your changes would impact school corporations.


Notes. The visualization presented on this website is based on publicly available information obtained by the Center for Evaluation & Education Policy (CEEP) from the Indiana General Assembly. The information was originally prepared by the Indiana Legislative Services Agency. LSA projected the information using standard projection techniques. The information was current as of February 15, 2015 for data obtained from the House and April 8, 2015 for the Senate. The amounts presented in the visualization are illustrative and based on the funding formula proposed by the House/Senate. The amounts may differ from those that will be distributed to school corporations in the final funding formula.

Any errors or omissions in the data are the sole responsibility of the developers and should not be attributed to the Center for Evaluation & Education Policy, the Indiana General Assembly, or the Indiana Legislative Services Agency.

An original copy of the data is available online and can be obtained from the Indiana House Republican Caucus, or the Indiana Senate Republican Caucus. A technical note describes the calculations presented in this visualization. A complete data file is available for download.

For questions regarding the visualization presented on this site, please contact Dr. Chad Lochmiller, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, in the School of Education at Indiana University.

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